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Tubing Trip 2023

Thanks for signing up for our trip to Ichetucknee Springs. It's going to be an incredible trip. You will make memories that will last a lifetime. Please read over all of the information and guidelines on this page so that we can all have a safe and pleasant trip.

Trip Plans & Guidelines

First off, please make sure you have your balances paid 100%.

Also, make sure your liability form is signed by a parent or guardian and turned in. We can't let anyone on the van without those two important things taken care of.

Wednesday, July 12th

Your Arrival

Please plan to arrive in the Ignite parking lot by 6:15am. The river opens at 8am and will close if they hit capacity. We do not want to miss out on the fun.

What To Wear and What To Avoid

This is a tubing trip and we will be in water while we are in the park, so dress for water. Everyone should bring clothes for traveling to the park and back home, and also bring clothes for the river.

While we travel to the park and back home, please wear and bring normal everyday clothes. Bring a towel to dry off. You will not be able to get on the church van in wet clothes, so pack a set of dry clothes for the return trip.


You do not have to wear a shirt while in the river, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, please do so. Just make sure you also pack an extra shirt for the return trip home. Please wear modest swim trunks.


While on the river, you may wear your swimwear as long as it's modest and not revealing in an inappropriate way. If your swimwear is too revealing you will need to wear a shirt over your swimwear. If you are in doubt, bring an extra swimsuit just in case. This is for your own comfort and protection while we are on the river.

-Sunscreen, hats, sun glasses are recommended for the day.

Also, it may be a good idea to bring a hairbrush and deodorant for use once we are leaving the park.

Leaving Ignite

Please help us leave as close to 6:30am as possible.

We will head directly to the river and are not planning any stops along the way.

If you want to bring breakfast with you, that is recommended.

We Are Here, Now What?

-Once we arrive, we will take a group photo by the van.

We will head to the river with our tubes and enjoy the float.

We will float the river and then return to the van for snacks and refreshments.

Then we will float the river again.

Once we are done with the 2nd float, we will return to the van, change into dry clothes, and leave. We will stop along the way home for lunch at a fast food place. Remember to bring cash for food on the way back, recommended $15-$20.

We should arrive back at Ignite around 4pm, but we will give a better ETA once we leave the parks with an Ignite Text to everyone.

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