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Universal Trip 2023

Thanks for signing up for our trip to Universal Studios in Orlando. It's going to be an incredible trip. You will make memories that will last a lifetime. Please read over all of the information and guidelines on this page so that we can all have a safe and pleasant trip.

Trip Plans & Guidelines

First off, please make sure you have your balances paid 100%.

Also, make sure your liability form is signed by a parent or guardian and turned in. We can't let anyone on the bus without those two important things taken care of.

Once you get your tickets on Friday morning, please take a picture of it and save it on your phones camera roll. Just in case you misplace your ticket. This will ensure we can get a replacement as fast as possible. If you are not able to, it's okay, we have recorded who each ticket belongs to just in case.

Please download the Universal Orlando APP.

You can see ride wait-times as well as a map of the parks.

It will also give you times when the shows are performing.

Load a credit/debit card on the app for food/merch purchases.

Some eating places require you to order with the app or online.

The day of the trip, June 2nd:

Your Arrival

Please plan to arrive in the Ignite parking lot between 5:30 & 5:50. This will help us get you checked in and help you find a good seat on either the church bus or the passenger van. All seats are accounted for, so whoever sits there first gets the seat.

Since it will be difficult to monitor and check the Ignite Text number inside the parks, please us Pastor Charlie's cell to check in or ask questions. Call or text, 904-234-1853

In the words of The Grinch, "BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR?"

-Please remember as you plan out what you are going to wear, that it will be around 90 degrees outside and sunny. There is a small possibility of light rain, but it may or may not affect the parks.

-Dress appropriately for the day. Jeans, long pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and other baggy style clothes are not recommended. You may wear such items on the ride down if you would like, but please plan on shorts, a t-shirt, and comfortable footwear while we are in the parks. Please do not wear anything that reveals anything inappropriate. If in doubt, ask us.

-The bus & van may not be accessible during the day once we are in the parks. So plan to carry what you need and carefully consider if you really do need it because you will need to carry it all day. You can rent a locker in the park, it's around $10-$15 for the day. Otherwise, you will need to carry it into the parks in a small bag. We recommend something small, like a hip bag or fanny pack, since you will be able to wear them on the rides. ALL backpacks, loose bags, or items you carry in your hand will need to be put into ride lockers, since they are not permitted on some rides.

-There are 3 or 4 water rides, so if you do plan on riding on them understand they are all designed to get you soaked. You can bring a change of clothes, but understand you may need to carry them with you all day. If you ride them early in the day, the sun will dry you off. Just remember that we have a 3 hour ride back home and you will be more comfortable if you are dry.

-Sunscreen, hats, sun glasses are recommended for the day.

Leaving Ignite

Please help us leave as close to 6am as possible. Arrive early and have all your liability forms and money turned in. Once we leave, we will drive around an hour and stop @ Buc-ee's in St. Augustine to grab breakfast and snacks for the rest of the drive. We will try to keep this stop to 15-20 minutes. Please take advantage of the restrooms @ Buc-ee's, they are really nice. We will try to leave Buc-ee's and head straight to the parks, but if we do need to stop at a rest area, we will.

Parking @ Universal

Please note that those who are driving their personal cars, you will be parking separately from the church busses. FYI, parking is around $30 per car. The church busses will be parking in the Bus/RV parking lot.

Security Screenings @ Universal

Please be aware that you will need to pass through metal detectors and your bag will be scanned by security. No weapons okay, yes that does mean pocket knives. Leave them at home. For a full list of what they do and don't allow, (click here).

Walking into Universal CityWalk

We will all stop and catch up to each other at the Universal Cinemark movie theater. It's on the right side, at the entrance once you come out of security and off all the moving sidewalks. You can't miss it and we will remind everyone of this. Once we are ALL accounted for and together, we will all walk over to the GIANT Universal Globe at the entrance of Universal Studios and attempt to take a few group photos. You can also take individual or family photos as well.

Lets get to the fun part

-Once the photo is taken, we are all able to go into the parks. You can enter Universal Studios or walk over to Islands of Adventure.

-We are a group, so we will need to stay in groups all day. Four or more is what we are asking you to do. GROUPS OF FOUR OR MORE, no single walkers, no duos, and no trios, FOUR or more.

-We will ask that everyone in your group stay together, you don't have to ride every ride, you can walk the line with your group, and as they board, sit in the group waiting area until they finish the ride and then exit together.

Remember to stay hydrated.

Most of the food places will give you free ice water if you ask them. You don't even have to eat there, just ask for a cup of ice water. You can also purchase bottled water. Drink Lots of Water!!!

Lunch & Dinner

We will eat lunch and dinner in the parks.

It's recommended to have around $50-$75.

Please remember to save your money for food.

ALSO, try not to wait till we are leaving to start searching for food.

There will be 1000's of people in the CityWalk area and it's difficult to get food sometimes in a timely manner.

Let's Go Home

Both parks close at 8pm. Please meet back up at the movie theater at 8pm.

Be aware that the 1000's of other guest will also be exiting and it will be crowded.

Once everyone has arrived at the movie theater, we will head back to the busses and head home.

We will probably return to Ignite around midnight.

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